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Carpet Price in Qatar

Unveiling Carpet Prices in Qatar: A Guide for Budget-Conscious Buyers

Carpets are a fantastic way to add warmth, style, and comfort to your Qatari home. But before you embark on your carpet shopping adventure, understanding carpet prices in Qatar can help you budget effectively.

Here’s a breakdown to consider:

Factors Affecting Carpet Prices:

  • Material: Wool carpets are generally the most expensive, followed by nylon, polyester, and polypropylene. Natural fibers like wool offer superior comfort and durability but come at a premium. Synthetic fibers are budget-friendly but may not be as luxurious or long-lasting.
  • Size: Larger carpets naturally cost more. Consider the dimensions of the area you want to cover and choose a carpet size that complements the space.
  • Brand and Origin: Luxury brands and hand-woven carpets from specific regions like Persia or Afghanistan will have higher price tags compared to mass-produced options.
  • Pile Height and Density: Pile height refers to the thickness of the carpet fibers. Denser carpets with a higher pile height generally feel more luxurious but can be pricier.

Estimated Carpet Price Ranges in Qatar (QAR):

  • Small, budget-friendly rugs: 50 QAR – 200 QAR (polypropylene, nylon)
  • Medium-sized synthetic carpets: 200 QAR – 500 QAR
  • Large, good quality synthetic carpets: 500 QAR – 1000 QAR
  • Machine-made wool carpets: 1000 QAR – 2000 QAR+ (depending on size and brand)
  • Hand-woven carpets: 3000 QAR+ (can reach significantly higher prices depending on origin, design, and craftsmanship)

Finding the Best Deals on Carpets in Qatar:

  • Showroom Sales: Many furniture stores and carpet shops in Doha hold seasonal sales and offer discounts on a variety of carpets. Keep an eye out for promotions! We provide home service across the Doha, Qatar.


  • Set a Budget: Determine how much you’re comfortable spending before you start shopping.
  • Compare Prices: Don’t settle for the first offer you see. Compare prices from different stores and online retailers to find the best deal.
  • Focus on Quality: While price is important, consider the carpet’s material, construction, and durability. A well-made carpet will last longer and provide better value in the long run.

Additional Tips:

  • Haggling: In some traditional carpet shops, negotiation might be possible, especially for hand-woven carpets.
  • Look for Clearance Sales: Stores sometimes have clearance sections where you can find high-quality carpets at discounted prices.

By considering these factors and following these tips, you can find the perfect carpet for your Qatari home at a price that fits your budget. Happy shopping!

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